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The Volunteer Program at the MBCE-MHVC helps to provide individuals from all walks of life with the tools to enhance personal growth and meet personal goals. Volunteers live on-site for an extended period of time and are provided opportunities to develop foundational skills and work towards personal success.

Volunteers make a positive impact on the MBCE’s daily operations by contributing time and talents to programs and completing projects around the buildings and grounds. Volunteers are encouraged to dedicate personal time for reflection and self-exploration within the aesthetic beauty of the MBCE’s property along the Hudson River.

Volunteers contribute to the services of the MBCE by dedicating time and talents to areas such as hospitality, youth ministry, retreats and programming and maintenance projects.

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  • Living quarters, meals and a stipend are provided. Living arrangements can be adjusted based on individual preferences and needs.
  • Program can range from 3 to 12 months. Term can be adjusted based on individuals’ preferences and needs.
  • Orientation and workshops on topics that promote self-discovery and personal growth. Example topics include Boundaries, Personality Types, Expectations, Youth Ministry and Living in Community.
  • An environment of community and comradery built through interactions with other members and volunteers at the MBCE.
  • Support in reaching personal goals and developing skills that will aid in future careers and interest.
  • Opportunities for self-reflection through walks to the banks of the Hudson River, meditation at the labyrinth, campfires, and other peaceful moments surrounded by the natural beauty of the grounds.
  • Opportunities to develop life skills through service work and projects that contribute to the maintenance of the buildings and grounds of the MBCE.
  • Opportunities to spend time with friends and family. Loved ones are welcome to spend time at the MBCE, and Volunteers are encouraged to travel home at least once during their term.
  • Health insurance covered by the MBCE and provided through the Catholic Volunteer Network.


For more information on the MBCE Volunteer Program please reach out to:

Timothy Hagan

Tim Hagan

Director of Operations