Support The MHVC | Marist Brothers Center


During the summer, the MBCE hosts the Mid-Hudson Valley Camp, which provides summer camp experiences to children with cancer, hearing impairments and various special needs, as well as special needs adults and children from economically-challenged communities around New York City.

Each generous donation to the Mid-Hudson Valley Camp goes directly to subsidizing the cost of our campers’ sleep away summer camp experience.  This includes defraying the expense of transportation, meals, camp activities, art supplies, costumes, sports equipment, and other items required to create lasting positive memories for our campers as well as our counselors, all of whom are volunteers.


To give you an idea of what your contribution can mean, consider the following:

  • $1,000  ~ cost of a bus to transport campers and volunteers to camp.
  • $750       ~ cost of a night of roller skating for a camp.
  • $500      ~ cost of having lifeguards at our pool for a week.
  • $250      ~ cost for a camper to attend camp for a week.
  • $150      ~ cost of hosting a volunteer at camp for a week.
  • $100      ~ cost of arts and crafts supplies for a camper group for the week.
  • $50        ~ cost of S’mores for everyone at the weekly camp fire sing along.
  • $25        ~ cost for bait and other supplies for fishing at our pond.
  • $10        ~ cost of awards and small prizes for the campers during the week.