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Mid-Hudson Valley Camp (MHVC)

In the summer months, the MBCE opens its gates as the Mid-Hudson Valley Camp (MHVC) – home to week-long camps serving distinct populations. Starting in the 1970’s, the MHVC has now grown into nine sleep-away camps geared towards individuals with developmental, mental and physical disabilities, deaf children, children living with cancer and inner-city students.

Our purpose is to provide children, young adults and adults from all different walks of life with week-long getaways to enjoy nature, tailored activities, and a safe and comfortable environment.

MHVC is equipped with facilities and accommodations that address all needs and allow individuals to fulfill daily routines and enjoy group activities. Campers are also provided plenty of recreation time and space, supervised by a caring and nurturing staff.

MHVC is staffed entirely by volunteers who are offered a week of fulfillment and opportunities to learn about humility, patience and gain new perspectives on life – all while tucked away in the aesthetic beauty of the Hudson Valley. A unifying atmosphere of respect, joy and boundless love has come to define the Mid-Hudson Valley Camp.

This wonderful ministry speaks to the dream of the founder of the Marist Brothers, St. Marcellin Champagnat.


  • The Mid-Hudson Valley Camp is dedicated to serving diverse populations, while promoting self-respect, equality and equity of all in attendance.
  • The Mid-Hudson Valley Camp is committed to serving the neediest of people, providing them with a safe environment of acceptance and respect.
  • The Mid-Hudson Valley Camp caters to the needs of the campers, most of whom continue to return each year for a harmonious and fun week of friendship, laughter and leisure.
  • The Mid-Hudson Valley Camp offers volunteers a week of fulfillment and opportunities to learn about humility and patience. A unifying atmosphere of respect, joy and boundless love has come to define the Mid-Hudson Valley Camp.

Explore Our Camps

two kids 1 campers holding hands

Special Kids 1

June 27 – July 3

Kids 1 Camp is a sleep-away camp in Esopus, NY for children – ages 4-15 with various special needs. This one-week session is catered to all campers’ abilities including those with moderate to severe special needs.

Molloy Freshmen Camp

Molloy Freshmen

July 4 – July 10

Archbishop Molloy High School is a Marist Brothers ministry in Briarwood, NY. They have a long-standing tradition of bringing the incoming freshmen class to Esopus for a week-long orientation camp in July.

holding hands in gym

Camp Angels

July 11 – July 17

Founded in 2013, Camp Angels is a new model bringing together three inner city schools under one mission: to make new friends, to give one’s best effort when faced with new and challenging experiences, and to embrace the Marist Charism.

Young Adult Campers

Young Adult

July 18 – July 21

Young Adult Camp serves the needs of young adults with developmental, mental, and physical disabilities. Our staff is comprised of teachers, social workers, nurses, and many other professionals, as well as high school and college students.

Sr. Pats Camp

Sr. Pat’s Camp

July 26 – July 30

Sister Pat’s Kids Camp is an outreach ministry of St. Helen’s Church in Westfield, NJ and provides a week-long camp program for children ages 5-15 and of all races and religious affiliations afflicted with cancer and related blood disorders.

Sacred Heart Camp

Sacred Heart

August 1 – August 7

Children who attend Sacred Heart Camp come primarily from the South Bronx, which is located in one of the poorest Congressional Districts in the country. Children get to enjoy the great outdoors as an escape from daily city life.

Campers Group Photo

Special Kids 2

August 11 – August 14

Kids 2 services individuals between the ages of 15 and 30 who are diagnosed with physical and developmental disabilities. Kids 2 provides a week filled with fun and excitement through nature and engaging activities with peers and counselors.

Deaf Camp Group Photo

Deaf Camp

July 25th Day Event

Deaf Camp takes place at the Mid-Hudson Valley Camp on the grounds of the Marist Brothers Center in Esopus, NY. The camp began in 1976 and celebrated its 40th year in June 2015. The camp welcomes deaf elementary and middle school aged children throughout the New York City area.

Adult Vacation

Adult Vacation

August 16 – August 20

Adult Vacation provides a fun, engaging, and accepting week-long vacation for adults with physical and mental disabilities. Campers are free to engage in a multitude of activities every day.

For more information on Mid-Hudson Valley Camp please reach out to:

Timothy Hagan

Tim Hagan

Director of Operations