MBCE Covid-19 Policy Update for Guests | Marist Brothers Center

MBCE Covid-19 Policy Update for Guests

September 30, 2021

To our wonderful Marist Family – friends, colleagues, and allies:

The Marist Brothers Center at Esopus is very excited by the prospect of welcoming you all back home very soon. We were very fortunate to have a successful summer camp season, thanks to the hard work of many, many people, both on the front lines with campers and behind the scenes in planning and decision making. As always, we rely on a team effort from all involved in our programs and activities, and, as we look to host you all during our retreat season this will be especially important.

To that end, we would like to advise you of the policies and procedures that will help us to keep as many people safe as we carry on through the COVID-19 pandemic. While we understand that your schools and programs may have policies in place, the nature of overnight programming prompts us to have certain safeguards for the well-being of our staff and all of our guests:

– Firstly, we strongly encourage that everyone eligible to receive the vaccine does so. We also encourage anyone feeling sick, regardless of vaccination status or test results, to stay home, rest, and recover.

– Out of an abundance of caution and in keeping with the latest CDC guidelines, we ask that masks be
worn indoors during your stay at the MBCE. Exceptions to this will be: while seated and eating/drinking in the dining room; sleeping; and for brushing teeth and showering.

– In addition, we are asking that all people staying in the retreat house be fully vaccinated or show a negative PCR test within 72 hours of arrival at the Center.

– Finally, while it is common for groups to bring a “kitchen crew”, please be advised that only the kitchen crew will be allowed into the kitchen. Our chef, Henry, does an amazing job in the kitchen, and we would like to keep both he and the food he prepares as safe as we can.

We are working hard to keep the Center clean, sanitary, safe, and open for all who enjoy it. We are blessed to have a very full calendar and the opportunity to welcome many people home to Esopus for the first time in over a year, and your cooperation helps ensure the safety of your students, our staff, and the groups that will
be coming in after you.

Thank you, as always, for making the MBCE the lively, accepting, comfortable, and life-changing place that it is. We look forward to seeing you home soon!


Tim Hagan
Director of Operations
Marist Brothers Center at Esopus