Volunteering | Marist Brothers Center


Volunteers are always welcome at the Marist Brothers Center at Esopus. In the Summer months during the Mid-Hudson Valley Camp over 500 volunteers serve as counselors, lifeguards, camp directors, kitchen crews, and maintenance personnel. In the fall, winter, and spring outdoor projects, painting, and hospitality are the focus of many volunteers.

Come for a day or a month, there are always opportunities to serve and volunteer here at the MBCE. Contact Valerie Savino if you are interested in spending some time at the MBCE! Email us at MaristBCE@gmail.com

Marist Volunteer Community at the MBCE

If you are looking for an extended service opportunity checkout the Marist Volunteer Community! Spend a year making a difference in the lives of young people as part of the MBCE Team!

Hallmarks of the Marist Volunteer Life

  • Hospitality
  • Youth Ministry
  • Manual Labor
  • Community Life