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Main Retreat House

Our Main Retreat House is available for both programs run by our team or facility rentals. This house holds upwards of 120 and includes our Chapel, Gym, Rec Room, Small Conference room, Dinning Hall and Dormitories. A list of sleeping spaces and breakout rooms are below.

Meals are provided by our Head Chef Henry Miller a sample Menu is below. If there are any food allergies or issues please make us aware prior to your arrival.

Looking for a program for your confirmation class, youth group, team, etc… We are happy to help you in planning a program to meet your specific needs.

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Under The Clock Sitting Room - Main House

Under The Clock

Our latest addition to our main retreat house, the Under the Clock area has 3 bedrooms and a full bathroom on its own private hallway. The master bedroom has a queen-sized bed, while the smaller rooms have twins. There is also a spacious and very cozy sitting room, good for personal reflection, small gatherings, or as a small group room on a retreat.

Dining Room - Main House

The Small Dining Room

An additional dining area near our main dining room, this space can seat between 15 and 20 people, and can also be used for meetings or as a group room.

Dining Room - Main House

The Dining Room

One of our largest gathering spaces, it holds 98 people. Whether it’s for a meal, a sing-along, or just some good old fashioned conversation, many memories are made around our dining room tables.

Pumpkin Room - Main House

The Pumpkin* Room

Located above the kitchen and near the Classrooms, the Pumpkin Room is a large sitting room that can hold about 15 people. Filled with large arm chairs and tons of cushy seating, it’s a nice place for groups to talk or do other activities.

Classrooms - Main House

The Classrooms

Our four classrooms each have 14 beds, with 6 sets of bunk beds and two single beds. The rooms are on an L-shaped hallway above the kitchen and dining room. The classrooms have one proctor’s room, closed off with it’s own single bed, as well as a shower area with 16 stalls, and a bathroom area with 7 stalls.

Internet Cafe - Main House

The Internet Cafe

Located in the center of all of the action in the main house is the Internet Cafe. With a few armchairs, a few desk chairs, and lots of surface space, this is a great place to get some work done, relax, or have a casual chat.

Hallway Bedroom - Main House

The Hallway Bedrooms

Our main hallway has 4 bedrooms, each with a brand new bathroom and shower installed. Two of the rooms have 2 single beds, and two of the rooms have 4 single beds.

Rock Room - Main House

The Rock Room

One of the centerpieces of the MBCE, this gathering space will hold upwards of 30 people, especially if you’re willing to sit on the floor. It’s great for small or large groups, and has pieces of our camp and retreat history adorning the walls, as well as images from the first days of the brothers on our beautiful property. There is also a 60” smart TV with HDMI hookups available.

Hallway - Main House

The Foyer/Breezeway

Another sitting area, this one is right inside the main entrance. It is used for small groups, or just for sitting and reflecting. It has seats for 6-8 people to enjoy.

Hallway - Main House

The Infirmary/Nurses Office

Our home for all things first-aid, as well as the home for our medications during the summer camp season. This room can be used as a de facto office, has 2 beds in case people need to sleep, and has a full bathroom. This room really does it all.

Chapel - Main House

The Chapel

The soul of the main retreat house. Used for masses, communion services, and prayer times, the chapel is not, however, limited to traditional worship. It is also a place of silly songs, large group gatherings, small groups, games, workshops, and is home-base for the summer camps. It holds 212 people.

Octagon - Main House

The Octagon

Located just past the chapel, this space highlights some of our campers and other programs with large canvass photographs, and is mostly a pass-through to the back part of the retreat house.

Rec Room - Main House

The Arts and Crafts Room

With room for almost 70 people, this versatile space is good for meetings and workshops. It has a projector and screen, complete with all of the connections needed for a slideshow, a video call, or even just a movie.

Rec Hall - Main House

The Rec Hall

It might not be EVERYONE’S favorite room, but there is something for all 98 people that it can hold! Two pool tables, 4 ping pong tables, foosball, Nok hockey, and other games galore! We have a brand new 70” smart TV, as well as a brand new deck and sitting area outside the Rec Hall. There is a fireplace sitting area, and our very own music corner, complete with organ, guitars, and lots of percussion instruments.

Gym - Main House

The Gym

This is the place for groups free time, fun and games with the family, ice breakers, or anywhere else you need to fit 275 people. There are 3 full basketball courts, and plenty of space for all of the volleyball, ultimate frisbee (or Flag), or relay races that you want to have!

Side Prayer Room - Main House

Side Prayer Room

A small sitting room filled with chairs and couches, it seats 10 and is a nice spot for a small group or for a quiet chat.

Dorm Bathrooms - Main House

The Dorms

Two large sleeping areas, each with 58 beds and 16 sinks, as well as a proctor room. The dorms and their respective bathrooms and showers are connected by a door, but the doors can and often are locked in order to separate the two areas.

Dorm A – comes with 8 showers and 13 bathroom stalls, as well as 3 additional sinks.
Dorm B – comes with 18 showers, 16 bathroom stalls, and 7 additional sinks

THe Lofts - Main House

The Lofts

Similar to the dorms, these are two large sleeping areas (14 beds) that can be joined or can be separated by a locked door. Each side has a proctor’s sleeping room and a proctor’s bathroom with a shower. The bathrooms and showers for side A and side B of the loft correspond to the Dorm bathrooms and showers.

The Pit - Main House

The Pit

A sleeping area consisting of three bedrooms on the B side of the Dorm/Loft area, two of the rooms have 2 bunk beds, and one of the rooms has 6 bunk beds. Although the rooms are on their own hallway, the bathrooms and showers are shared with Loft B and Dorm B.

For more information on our Facilities please reach out to:

Timothy Hagan

Tim Hagan

Director of Operations